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Beware of Unauthorised Resellers and Scalpers


Date: 16 January 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

It has come to our attention that an individual has been reselling/scalping our products at Shopee without our consent or legal permission and trying to sell the items at a higher price. The Shopee “Seller” has been using our company as his “supplier” and “fulfillment centre” to fulfill his Shopee “buyers” orders without legal permission. Please be informed that we are not affiliated to this fraud individual nor this individual is affiliated/working/acting as a person on behalf of our company. We strictly do not condone this individual’s action and we have taken necessary steps to stop this individual from making more serious damage that will tarnish our company’s image and deceive customers. We have also reported this issue to Shopee Management. We have detected the following individual/s for illegal reselling/scalping our products outside of

Shopee username: warendhere

Shopee seller name: Muhamad Nursyamil Akmal/ Syamil Akmal


If you or anyone you know have purchased from a Shopee “Seller” but received your order from our business address, please make a report to Shopee immediately or please email us at so that action can be taken against this individual. We take great care of our customers as much as we take great care of the quality and authenticity of our products.

The Fandom Frenzy has been in businesss since 2015 and our current sole operation are through our official website at only. We do not sell on any other e-commerce platforms in Malaysia. We are a registered business with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) with registration number 002377755-K. Please be aware that we do not offer any agents/dropship/wholesale/personal shopper services. 

We can certify that all of our products are officially licensed merchandise sourced from licensed distributors. We strictly do not sell fake or counterfeit licensed merchandise as this is strictly against the law. We will not hesitate to take strict legal action against any individual who will try to use or tarnish our company’s name/products/brand/image in any platforms without our official permission. If you encountered or heard of anyone using our company name/products/brand/image, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click HERE to find our official store locations.

We value your cooperation and feedback so that we can serve you better.

Thank you and please stay safe.

The Fandom Frenzy.



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